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Pictures & Projects

We are in Bloomfield 
We assist aspiring farmers in Connecticut with:

Meeting support
Training and Supplies
Intergenerational  Learning
Agri-Business Development

Avian Embryology Project

Chicks Ahoy LLC Chicks

Chicks Ahoy Farm Inc’s, Avian Embryology project was created to introduce people in urban and suburban communities to chicken keeping.  We will accomplish this by setting up egg hatching projects that provide our neighbors with hands-on experience with farming and animal husbandry of baby chickens provided by a local Black Farmer in Bloomfield. 

Indoor/Outdoor Growing

Chicks Ahoy LLC potatoes grown in buckets

Tiki's All-Natural, based in Meriden CT is developing models and tricks for indoor growing.  The Indoor/Outdoor Growing is a project teaching soil health, herb growing for coop deodorizer and oils for beautification.  Tiki's All-Natural is a youth led farming project and facilitates the New Haven County  Farmers & Leaders of Color. 

Honey Beekeeping

Dee's Crafty Bees Honey Bee Apiary

Dee's Crafty Bees  is a Middletown Sustainability project with two hives and an acre of land at Miller/Bridge Street. This projects provides youth arts and crafts coupled with mutual aid in the North End, Middletown.  Through JCCP farming research with Wesleyan students and professors and community built raised planting beds are ready for the 2024 growing season.  

Chicken Keeping

Chicks Ahoy LLC flock of laying hens

Chicks Ahoy LLC and 12 other Farmers & Leaders of Color across the state began chicken keeping projects with over 100 laying hens across Hartford, Middletown, and New Haven Counties. This year we have organized our chicken keepers and their network of business partners to assist people in Windsor, Rocky Hill, Bloomfield, Hartford, Meriden, and West Hartford, CT to start keeping backyard laying hens.  


Chicks Ahoy LLC composting

Composting is a core project for our farming and sustainability. All our projects have some form of composting and we've assisted people with hot, worm/bugs composting for indoor and outdoor systems.  We help any and everyone start at least a composting because most municipalities have composting/sustainability programs. 

Herbal Health

Chicks Ahoy LLC indoor comfrey plants

Sasha's Whole Earth is growing herbs and flowers to make and sale healing salves, balms, oils from Black Southern culture. They are teaching others how to make these products with us. Sasha's Whole Earth and Tiki's All-Natural are helping other famers in across the state find a starting point to get into herbalism and horticulture. 

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